• Leonard Cuoco

Know what you don't know

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

In these uncertain times beyond anyone's imagination there is one certainty - there's a lot we don't know about the impact the coming weeks and months will have on our business, livelihood and personal well being. I want to address the issues that surround the cloud of fear around your business, employees, customers, vendors, lender, cash flow, competitive landscape, etc. Let's assume for now we're not on a level playing field and who is enjoying an advantage is unclear. Clarity, that's what I want because with clarity I can march down a path. Fear is what we don't know, understand, feel more than anything over our shoulder.

My business partner, Victor and I have a clarity as to what the future holds for those that can untangle the fishing line at our collective feet and wrapped around our ankles. Anticipate. What will an opportunity look like and are you poised to seize the moment? We are setting out to find those printers, folding carton and corrugated converting owners that either can't or don't want to go it alone and have an interest in being on a team built on strength, knowledge and experience in dealing with environments like this on a path success.

Stay tuned for a series of interesting and unconventional passages that may just help give you some clarity along this dark, narrow passage we are on.

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